Taizhou activates local intangible cultural heritages

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated: 2019-01-23

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All along, many intangible cultural heritages have given people the impression that they have ornamental value but lack practicality. In recent years, Taizhou has been devoted to injecting new forces into cultural heritages.

Craftsmen in Taizhou are committed to the development of arts and crafts, wedding folklore, health and other derivative products, making closer relations between cultural heritage and real life.

In October 2017, encouraged by the publicity department of Taizhou, Lin Xia, the third generation inheritor of Taizhou embroidery, designed a gift, Hehe flower charm, which integrates Hehe Culture, the city flower of Taizhou -- the fragrans -- Chinese painting and traditional Taizhou embroidery skill. The work, Hehe flower charm, won the golden award at the Chinese Arts and Crafts Cultural Creativity Awards at the 14th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair. Lin also created clothing, jewelry, and other products on the basis of his original work.


Hehe flower charm, designed by Lin Xia, the third generation inheritor of Taizhou embroidery. [Photo/ifeng.com]

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