The Ancient City of Taizhou | Updated: 2024-07-03

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The Song-style market in the Culture & Tourism Area of the Ancient City of Taizhou attracts crowds of tourists. [Photo/]

The Culture & Tourism Area of the Ancient City of Taizhou was listed among the "2023 Zhejiang Top 10 Transformation and Quality Improvement Scenic Areas" and the "2023 Zhejiang Demonstration Cultural Tourism Markets", at the awards ceremony for the 2023 Zhejiang Cultural and Tourism Overall Evaluation List held on June 28.

The Culture & Tourism Area of the Ancient City of Taizhou, located in Linhai, Taizhou, Zhejiang province, is a national 5A-level tourist attraction.

Covering a total area of 3.12 square kilometers, it consists of four main attractions: the city wall of the ancient city of Taizhou, reputed as "the Southern Great Wall", as well as Ziyang Street, Donghu Lake, and Jinshan Hill.

With a history of nearly 2,000 years and a rich architectural heritage, the area is home to 28,000 indigenous residents, making it a "living ancient city".

The Song Dynasty-styled market in the scenic area brings tourists back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It accurately restores the elegant life of the Song Dynasty, featuring porcelains, makeup, costumes, and tea art of the dynasty, allowing visitors to experience the leisurely lifestyle of ancient people.