Ancient village vitalized by Tiantai's rich cultural heritage | Updated: 2024-06-17

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Intangible cultural heritage performances are offered to visitors in Shanglu village, Baihe town on June 13. [Photo/]

Shanglu village in Baihe town, Tiantai county, Taizhou, Zhejiang province, came alive on June 13 with a promotion and display activity of intangible cultural heritages celebrating the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day.

The village's main square buzzed with intangible cultural heritage performances. These performances transported the audience back to a bygone era, showcasing the region's rich cultural heritage.

Activities ranged from ancient craft demonstrations to the sale of handicrafts and samplings of traditional foods, offering a profound cultural journey. Every shop along one old street in particular featured an intangible cultural heritage project, transforming the street into a living museum.

Xu Qiong, mayor of Baihe town, said, "We infuse rural tourism with intangible cultural heritages to provide visitors with a more direct and abundant cultural experience." She believes that the blending of heritage and tourism can rejuvenate ancient villages and stimulate local economic growth, allowing villagers to share in the benefits.