Huangyan propelling export of electric two-wheelers | Updated: 2024-06-07

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Workers assemble electric two-wheelers in Wangye Locomotive Co. [Photo/]

As international demand for electric two-wheelers rises, Huangyan in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, a key production hub for two-wheeled electric vehicles, is propelling its global expansion.

From January to April this year, Huangyan saw 270 million yuan ($37.26 million) worth of small vehicles exported, primarily two-wheeled electric vehicles, up nearly 18 percent year-on-year.

The Taizhou Wangye Locomotive Co, a prominent manufacturing company in Huangyan, is actively shipping electric motorcycles worldwide. With their attractive designs and high performance, Wangye's products have gained traction in Europe, Russia, and other regions, leading to a surge in foreign trade orders.

Zhang Ye, the company's general manager, noted a consistent annual growth of over 50 percent in foreign trade orders over the past three years. Foreign markets constitute 80 percent of their sales, and current orders have been scheduled through the fourth quarter, according to Zhang.

To meet international demand, battery capacity is a key focus. For example, the distance between two European cities is usually more than 100 kilometers, which calls for electric motorcycles with a long battery life, explained Cao Xueshan, the technical director.

In response to enterprise needs, a design team from Huangyan Mold Design Base and Tongji University is collaborating with companies like Wangye to optimize battery capacity.

"Through AI design, we can achieve a balance between the volume, capacity, and density of the battery. With the same volume, if energy and density are increased, its endurance, acceleration, and top speed will all see significant improvements," said Professor Su Yunsheng from Tongji University.