Summer bounty: A feast of fresh fruit in Taizhou | Updated: 2024-05-13

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Taizhou in Zhejiang province is a "sweet" city teeming with fresh fruit. Over the next few months, an array of seasonal fruits will hit the market.


Plump and juicy mulberries are packaged in baskets. [Photo/]

At the mulberry orchard in Pengjie town, Luqiao district, a faint fruity fragrance fills the air. A number of plump and juicy mulberries hang from the branches, with alluring purple-red hues. 

Mulberries are not only sweet in taste but also good for health, as they are rich in various amino acids and trace elements.


Clusters of large blueberries hang from the branches. [Photo/]

At the blueberry plantation in Beiyang town, Huangyan district, rows of low-growing blueberry bushes are neatly arranged across the fields. Clusters of plump blueberries peek through the foliage, with deep blue hues reminiscent of sapphires set against the vibrant green leaves.


Loquat trees are laden with plump white-fleshed loquats. [Photo/]

In Pingtian township, Huangyan, the white-fleshed loquats hit the market more than 20 days earlier than usual. The loquat trees in greenhouses are laden with plenty of the fruit.

Currently, loquat prices are relatively high but are expected to drop after more hit the market in mid-May.