Creative paintings show charm of Chinese characters | Updated: 2024-04-22

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Wang Weiting's creative works are showcased at the exhibition. [Photo/]

A special exhibition took place in the Xinhai Digital Trade Port industrial area on April 21, showcasing an interesting fusion of Chinese characters and paintings.

At the event, visitors marveled at the ingenuity and skills of the creator, Wang Weiting. Through the deformation and combination of Chinese characters with people's facial features, the works appear as portraits when looked at normally but become names when looked at upside down.

It takes Wang from several hours to half a day to complete a single work. "With mobile phones and computers, many people have lost touch with handwriting," said Wang. "I hope that through these interesting and eye-catching creations, more and more people can understand the beauty of Chinese characters."

The event is meant to promote International Chinese Language Day which is celebrated by Chinese language educators, learners and lovers around the world. "We hope to use this exhibition to showcase the artistic beauty of Chinese, so that everyone can learn about the beautiful culture that may be ignored in everyday life," said social worker Lin Wei.