Plum blossoms paint Taizhou in vibrant hues | Updated: 2024-02-26

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Plum flowers in full bloom along the Southern Great Wall, located in Linhai, a county-level city of Taizhou. [Photo/WeChat account: tzfb001]

Taizhou, located in East China's Zhejiang province, has burst into a breathtaking display of pink hues as plum blossoms have reached their peak bloom.

In the heart of Taizhou's Jiaojiang district, the Jiaojiang Civic Square is now adorned with fully blossomed plum trees, creating a jubilant ambiance. Visitors are encouraged to leisurely wander through the square, immersing themselves in the delightful fragrance of the blossoms.

Meanwhile, in the city's Huangyan district, Jiufeng Park's Baochun Garden is a sight to behold, boasting clusters of plum blossoms that exude an aura of timeless elegance and charm.

In the county-level city of Linhai, visitors can also revel in the delicate fragrance of plum blossoms while ascending the Southern Great Wall.

Venturing to the county-level city of Yuhuan unveils a picturesque scene at the Xuanmen Bay Wetland Park, where plum blossoms sway gracefully in the sea breeze, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and delight.

Further adding to the allure, Tiantai county is home to the Guoqing Temple, where the fragrance of plum blossoms has lingered for over 1,400 years, casting a timeless enchantment.