Zhejiang strengthens work on special marine protection areas

ezhejiang.gov.cn | Updated: 2024-01-19

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Authorities in East China's Zhejiang province issued a notice recently to improve the management of special marine protection areas.

The directive, effective from Feb 1, 2024, and spanning five years, outlines specific measures to be taken.

Within ecological conservation zones, activities beyond those explicitly permitted for production, operation, and project construction are prohibited, according to the notice.

Zhejiang will enhance the supervision of human activities within special marine protection areas, emphasizing natural restoration supplemented by necessary artificial measures to safeguard ecosystems, island landscapes, geological relics, marine life, and maritime culture.

Stricter supervision and management will be imposed on activities such as surveys, scientific research, specimen collection, planting, and aquaculture within special marine protection areas (marine parks).

Zhejiang aims to promote awareness of special marine protection areas (marine parks) by conducting extensive publicity campaigns and carrying out public education on marine ecosystems, maritime resources, and cultural history to foster a heightened desire among the public to protect and adapt to the marine environment, said the notice.

The notice also encourages financial institutions and social investment to provide financing support for construction and management projects related to special marine protection areas (marine parks).