State Grid powers Yuhuan's pomelo industry | Updated: 2023-11-27

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As autumn blankets Yuhuan in Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, the Yuhuan Wendan honey pomelos flood the market. At a local workshop, the automated sorting lines for pomelos are operating at full loads, with workers efficiently managing the production line.

Amid this hustle and bustle, a service team of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co Ltd (Yuhuan) navigates through various workshops, ensuring a reliable power supply for the busy production lines.

Wendan is renowned for its distinctive flavor and juiciness. With its increasing popularity across the country, the sales strategy for these pomelos has moved from traditional offline wholesale and customer-based sales to online stores and livestream sales, resulting in a boom of orders.

According to the Zhongchuang Gongfu Center in Qinggang township in Yuhuan - a business hub for local specialties — this year's pomelo orders arrived earlier than in previous years, nearly doubling the order volume.

The timely implementation of automated production lines not only improved efficiency for farmers but also imposed higher demands on power supply. The Yuhuan power supply branch of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power used advanced equipment such as infrared thermometers and drones to meticulously inspect power lines and facilities to ensure power supply at the Zhongchuang Gongfu and nearby workshops.

Electric workers also paid regular visits to know the actual power needs from farmers and business owners, and check the equipment status to provide guidance on power use and resolve problems.