Ancient river restoration project wins intl recognition | Updated: 2023-11-23

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Guanhe Ancient Waterway in Huangyan district of Taizhou. [Photo/]

The restoration project of Guanhe Ancient Waterway in Huangyan district of Taizhou has received notable recognition at the IFLA Asia-Pacific Landscape Architecture Awards 2023.

The project has been granted three awards, including the outstanding award in the cultural and urban landscape category, the excellence award in the parks and open space category, and the honorary award in the green infrastructure category.

This ambitious restoration endeavor began in 2019, with Huangyan district designating it as a top priority in urban construction. The main objective was to make the Guanhe Ancient Waterway appealing in the modern era, while also preserving its historical significance.

The restored waterway currently spans 5.6 kilometers and covers an area of around 322,000 square meters. Its two sides are studded with historical relics and protected sites, including the Confucius Temple and Wudong Bridge.

Established in the United Kingdom in 1948, IFLA (the International Federation of Landscape Architects) operates under the guidance of UNESCO and holds significant influence in the field of international landscape architecture. Being honored by IFLA is a testament to the exceptional quality of the restoration project and its contribution to the region's cultural and environmental landscape.