Taizhou ICH items shine at sixth CIIE

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2023-11-10

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Visitors enjoy Tiantai red rice at the sixth China International Import Expo held in Shanghai from Nov 5 to the 10. [Photo/taizhou.com.cn]

A wide range of intangible cultural heritage items, including embroidery, straw weaving, preserved fish, and red rice wine, from Taizhou, East China's Zhejiang province, took center stage at the 6th China International Import Expo in Shanghai from Nov 5 to 10, attracting the attention of traders from around the world.

One booth in particular drew a constant stream of traders with its flagship product - red rice wine from Tiantai county. Wang Yanna, a trader, described the wine as having a unique flavor and being slightly milder than huangjiu, a type of Chinese yellow wine. She also highlighted its health benefits, such as reducing high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol, which are concerns for many people nowadays.

What sets Tiantai red rice wine apart is its traditional brewing technique, which uses top-quality glutinous rice and red yeast during the production process. Renowned for its excellent quality, the wine is considered one of the three major ancient red wines in China and was included in the intangible cultural heritage list of Zhejiang in 2022. This marks the second time the wine has appeared at the CIIE.

Xu Renwei, deputy chief engineer of Taizhou-based Hongshiliang Group, expressed confidence in the success of this year's exhibition. He stated that the expo not only provides an opportunity to promote their own products and local history and culture but also helps boost foreign trade. Within just half a day, they received nearly 300 traders and finalized preliminary agreements with over 20 of them.