Geely cars make splash at Hangzhou Asian Games | Updated: 2023-09-28

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Chinese automaker Geely is making waves in the travel industry by providing over 2,000 smart luxury cars for the Hangzhou Asian Games. The cars, which come from Geely's brands Geely, Lynk & Co, and Zeekr, have been a hit among event organizers and participants.

Geely's success story began over two decades ago, when it produced China's first privately-produced car in Taizhou. Since then, the company has expanded its operations not just in China, but also internationally. This growth is a testament to the strength of Taizhou's private economy.

According to statistics, the private sector in Taizhou contributes significantly to the city's economy. It is responsible for over 70 percent of the city's GDP, more than 80 percent of tax revenue, and 90 percent of employment. The private sector also represents more than 90 percent of the total number of enterprises and import-export volume.

Taizhou's entrepreneurial spirit goes beyond its borders, with countless businessmen originating from the city establishing over 40,000 companies worldwide. This global reach is further supported by 242 Taizhou chambers of commerce spread across the globe. Impressively, the city has successfully completed over 60 overseas mergers and acquisitions in 21 countries and regions.