Zhejiang's largest eyeglasses complex opens

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-12-05

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A rendering of China (Duqiao) Eyeglasses City in Duqiao town, Linhai, a county-level city in Taizhou. [Photo/taizhou.com.cn]

The China (Duqiao) Eyeglasses City, the largest eyeglasses complex in East China's Zhejiang province, opened to the public on Dec 4, local media reported.

Located in Duqiao town, Linhai, a county-level city in Taizhou, the two-story complex has 589 stores.

Duqiao, a renowned eyeglasses manufacturing hub in China, is home to more than 3,200 enterprises engaged in the optical lens sector, official statistics show.

In August, all of the 376 tenants from the Zhejiang Glasses Complex in Duqiao had been relocated to the China (Duqiao) Eyeglasses City.

In 1993, the Zhejiang Glasses Complex - Taizhou's first professional glasses wholesale market - was inaugurated. Over the past 20 years, glasses from the market have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, including the United States, Russia and the Philippines.

According to Yan Linde, general manager of the China (Duqiao) Eyeglasses City, the newly built complex will become a global wholesale center for sunglasses, a national trading hub for glasses, and an exhibition window for culture and tourism related to glasses.

Tao Xiuqing, chairman of Jinggong Glasses Chain Co Ltd, said: "We are very satisfied with the facilities in the new glasses city and hope to use this platform to launch more outlets all over the country in the future."

That same day, the Taizhou municipal commerce chamber of glasses was also inaugurated.