Linhai section of Taizhou No 1 Highway breaks ground | Updated: 2022-10-31

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A conceptual rendering of the Linhai section of the Taizhou No 1 Highway, which began construction on Oct 29. [Photo/WeChat account: tzfb001]

The Linhai section of the Taizhou No 1 Highway began construction on Oct 29, and is scheduled to be completed before the Spring Festival.

The Taizhou No 1 Highway starts from Shepan Island in Sanmen county, and passes by Linhai city, Jiaojiang district, Luqiao district and Wenling city before ending at Haishan Island in Yuhuan city.

The 273-kilometer road hugs the coastline and connects a number of scenic spots including Shepan Island, Baisha Bay, Nianhua Bay and Shitang town.

The section in the county-level city of Linhai spans 35 kilometers and has a designed speed of 30-60 kilometers per hour.

Of the 35 kilometers, about 12 kilometers will be newly built with an investment of about 6.2 billion yuan ($953.85 million).