Good Samaritan couple offers free meals to people in need | Updated: 2022-06-22

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Zhang Chao (right) and his wife Zhou Mei. [Photo/]

A Sichuan restaurant in Taizhou, East China's Zhejiang province recently went viral on Chinese social media because of its kindhearted owners.

According to the restaurant, anyone who has no income can enjoy a free meal comprising of a simple dish of fried rice with egg and a bottle of water.

The restaurant is run by Zhang Chao and his wife Zhou Mei, both of whom are from Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

Located in Hengjie town, Luqiao district, the restaurant is the second dining establishment in Taizhou opened by the couple, who first arrived in the city in 2008.

Most diners in the Hengjie branch are middle-aged men engaged in manual labor. According to Zhang, many of these workers had found it difficult to find a job after the Spring Festival holiday in February due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Zhang said that the difficulties faced by the laborers reminded him and his wife of the hardships they encountered when first arriving in Taizhou, and how they managed to tide through the challenges with the support from some good Samaritans. As such, the couple decided that they would pay it forward and do the same for others in need.

In April, despite their business taking a hit from the resurgence of COVID-19, the couple started giving away meals to help others who are in more dire situations.

According to Zhang, very few people would request for a free meal unless absolutely necessary. To date, only about 10 people have had free meals at the restaurant.

"Such meals will be offered as long as my restaurant is open," Zhang said.

In a notice posted outside the restaurant, the couple also reminds people to help those in need whenever possible.

"Just a small effort can bring hope to those in distress," said Zhou.                                           


The notice posted on the restaurant's wall. [Photo/]