Iconic TV gala set to delight viewers for the 40th time

By WANG RU | China Daily | Updated: 2022-01-30

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It is customary for Chinese people to have a family reunion on the eve of Lunar New Year, and watch the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala to celebrate the biggest traditional Chinese festival.

This year's gala, the 40th since it was launched in 1983, will be broadcast live at 8 pm on Monday by China Central Television. Tuesday marks the start of the Year of the Tiger, the third animal of the Chinese zodiac.

"The Spring Festival Gala offers emotional attachment and aesthetic enjoyment to the audience. It is just like a silk ribbon connecting the hearts of Chinese people across the world," said Wang Xiaozhen, a member of the editors' committee of China Media Group, who introduced the gala at a news conference held in Beijing on Thursday.

The fourth rehearsal of the gala was held on the same day.

Various performances that the audience are familiar with will be staged, such as singing, dancing, acrobatics, cross-talk shows, comic sketches, martial arts and traditional Chinese art forms such as Peking Opera. There will also be creative performances combining advanced technology to show the festive atmosphere.

"It will reflect the history of the Communist Party of China, rural revitalization and the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, showing the magnificence of China in the new era, and the sense of fulfillment, happiness and security of the Chinese people," Wang said.

Moreover, it will show the lives of ordinary people from various angles. For example, the comic sketches include warm comedies about family relationships and stories of satirizing dishonesty, making people think about their lives while laughing.

This year's gala highlights technological innovations. For example, a 720-degree dome made with LED screens will offer the audience an immersive experience when watching. The latest technology such as AR, XR, and 8K, which is currently the highest ultra-high-definition resolution in digital television and digital cinematography, will also be used.

Wang said that senior, middle-aged and young artistic workers will take part in the performances, with an effort to "bring the audience a cultural feast about saying goodbye to the past and welcoming the new".

The English, Spanish, French, Arabian and Russian channels of China Global Television Network and another over 600 media organizations from more than 170 countries and regions will broadcast or report on the gala.

A series of other programs related to the festival will be shown during the Spring Festival holiday.

"CMG will continue to promote the combination of technology and art, and thus improve the visual effect of our programs. We will make the gala a fantastic feast and accompany Chinese people in enjoying the festival," said Jiang Wenbo, also from the editors' committee of CMG.