Four major industrial clusters in Taizhou | Updated: 2022-01-18

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An automobile workshop in Taizhou, East Chinas Zhejiang province. [Photo/]

Taizhou in East China's Zhejiang province is striving to construct four industrial clusters with worldwide influence.

The four sectors are automobile, medicine and health, intelligent sewing equipment and high-end molds.


The city is a national manufacturing hub for automobile and parts. In 2019, the total output value of the automobile sector topped 110 billion yuan ($16.92 billion).

By 2030, a world-leading automobile industrial cluster highlighting new energy and intelligent connections will be built in the city.

Medicine and health

As a national export base of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Taizhou is home to 17 listed pharmaceutical companies including Huahai and Hisun.

Last year, the total output value of the medicine and health sector in the city exceeded 60 billion yuan. The city aims to become an internationally competitive hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biomedical innovation and manufacturing as well as a national aggregation area for medical apparatus by 2030. 


Favipiravir produced by Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd headquartered in Taizhou. [Photo/]

Intelligent sewing equipment

Taizhou is the world's largest sewing equipment production base and export base. The total output value of the sewing sector in the city has surpassed 20 billion yuan in 2019.

Six of the top 10 sewing equipment companies are based in Taizhou. By 2030, the city aims to be the world's first-class intelligent manufacturing and service hub for sewing equipment.

High-end molds 

Taizhou is the largest mold production base in China and enjoys the reputation of "the hometown of molds in China". The total output value of the industry last year was 20 billion yuan, and the city has set the goal of becoming a world leading mold industry gathering area by 2030.