12 Taizhou snacks listed among Zhejiang's top 100 characteristic snacks

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-12-08

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Jiangzhi Hetao Tiaodan, shredded eggs and walnuts mixed with ginger juice from Jiaojiang district. [Photo/WeChat account: tzfb001]

A total of 12 snacks from Taizhou were recently listed among the top 100 characteristic snacks in Zhejiang, according to local media reports. 

They include:

Jiangzhi Hetao Tiaodan from Jiaojiang district - shredded eggs and walnuts mixed with ginger juice 

Hongtang Kaotang from Huangyan district - fried glutinous rice stuck together with brown sugar

Maigutuo from Ningxi town, Huangyan district - pancakes stuffed with preserved vegetables

Dried bean curds from Shabu town, Huangyan district

Luoyang's Three Treasures from Luoyang sub-district, Luqiao district - steamed buns mixed with goat's milk, rice cakes mixed with Dendrobium juice, and noodles with dragon fruit juice

Danqing Yangwei from Linhai city - a specialty pastry made with egg whites and sweetened bean paste

Caogeng from Linhai city - a soup made with ingredients such as bamboo shoots, mushrooms, scallops, dried shrimp and oysters

Paoxia from Wenling city - a fried cake filled with minced pork

Qiaoyupi Wonton from Yuhuan city - a type of wonton in which the skin is a mixture of flour and fish meat

Jiaobingtong from Tiantai county - a pancake coupled with different vegetables

Paoxiang from Xianju county - fried pickled yellow croaker

Songhuabing from Sanmen county - a cake made with sugar, pine pollen, glutinous rice flour and water

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