Town sees cultural restoration, industrial growth | Updated: 2020-10-20

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A residential community in Xinqiao town, Taizhou's Luqiao district. [Photo/taizhou/]

Xinqiao town, located in the central area of Taizhou's Luqiao district, has earned numerous laurels for its rapid development in recent years.

The town is renowned for its profound history and culture, and with the support of the local government, Wenchang Pavilion, an old cultural site that was demolished in 1990, was rebuilt in 2018.

The restoration of Wenchang Pavilion is an example of local authorities' efforts to preserve and develop the local culture. A large number of cultural sites have been built or renovated in the town recently, attracting numerous visitors.

The local government has also made strong efforts to develop its agriculture-related industries.

Xinqiao is currently home to four large agricultural enterprises, including one leading provincial agricultural enterprise, according to Luo Xiongwen, the town's Party chief.

The town's 7,347 mu (489.8 hectares) of farmland has all been transferred, laying a solid foundation for large-scale planting and the operation of high-tech agricultural enterprises, Luo said.

In addition, the town has also stepped up its talent recruitment efforts and now offers a professional workstation, an academician workstation, and a municipal entrepreneurship and innovation park. 

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