Taizhou ramps up efforts to attract Ningbo tourists

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-07-24

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Tourists from Ningbo enjoy delicious seafood cooked in a large pot at the Touring Sanmen for Seafood activity held in Sanmen county, Taizhou, July 18. [Photo/tznews.taizhou.com.cn]

The Touring Sanmen for Seafood activity was launched on Shepan Island, Sanmen county in Taizhou, East China's Zhejiang province, July 18 to specifically attract tourists from Ningbo, Taizhou Daily reported.

The activity is part of the Zhejiang Residents Tour Taizhou event, which is aimed at promoting the cultural and tourism industry in rural Taizhou.

The Touring Sanmen for Seafood activity was unveiled with a large pot of braised seafood, including blue crabs, razor clams and sweet corn.

"I hope the local government will organize more activities like this for tourists," said Qiu Weiying from Ningbo who visited Shepan Island last year and accompanied her friends to visit the island again this year.

Tourists from Ningbo can enjoy free entertainment on the island, including a viking village and wild man cave. They can also enjoy a special spring roll feast and learn how to make spring rolls in a local village.

Sanmen government also rolled out incentive policies to attract more visitors from Ningbo.

Travel agencies will receive 10 yuan ($1.40) per visitor when organizing Ningbo tourists to visit a charged scenic spot and another 20 yuan per visitor when organizing Ningbo tourists to stay one night and visit two charged scenic spots from July 18 to September 30.

During that period, Ningbo residents will enjoy a 50 percent discount on scenic spot tickets in Sanmen, and local government has also distributed 10,000 tickets for the ativity to Ningbo visitors.