Construction on Taizhou Gaotie New District begins | Updated: 2020-07-24

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Taizhou Cloud Valley is a garden-style commercial block featuring landmark buildings. [Photo/]

Construction on Taizhou Gaotie New District began as its implementary urban design was approved by local municipal government on June 18, Jiaxing Daily reported.

The new district is the first to introduce implementary urban design in Taizhou with the bidder being the Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen, which also participated in the planning of Xiong'an New Area.

Liu Hao, chief planner at the institute, said that traditional urban design values city image and ignores operability of management while the implementary urban design not only focuses on city image, but also caters to economic and social development.

"As a development hub in downtown Quzhou in the following 10 years, Gaotie New District will drive the efficient operation of the entire downtown area," noted Sima Xiao, chairman of the Shenzhen institute.

According to the design, Taizhou Gaotie New District will feature one pedestrian scenic street, one waterfront commercial street, one transport hub and four commercial centers—Shanshui Square, Taizhou Cloud Valley, Chuangxiang Tingzhou and Happy Waterfront.

Residents in the district will have access to medical, educational, sports and entertainment resources and will be able to change to different means of transport in three minutes and take five minutes on average to reach the riverside, gardens and public service centers, and 10 minutes to reach work offices, according to Liu.


Happy Waterfront includes commerical complexes, art institutes and an urban culture experience hall. [Photo/]


Chuangxiang Tingzhou is a cultural and commercial block built in afforested areas. [Photo/]