Four counties to pick waxberries in Taizhou | Updated: 2020-06-24

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As one of the largest waxberry production cities in Zhejiang, Linhai currently is filled with the fruit's rich aroma. Linhai's early waxberries, an improved variation of local water plums, are ripe early, large, and have a longer shelf life than other waxberry species.

Recommended places to pick waxberries in Linhai:

East Zhejiang waxberry farm in Shangyou village, Baishuiyang town

Dinghongyuan waxberry cooperative in Shangyou village, Baishuiyang town

Dalei agricultural entertainment place in Shangguan village, Baishuiyang town

Hongbao waxberry cooperative in Xushi village

Shuangqiao waxberry growing base in Shuangqiao village, Dayang subdistrict

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