Seafood is back on the menu in Taizhou | Updated: 2020-02-27

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The bank of Haiyi wharf in Jiaojiang district of Taizhou is filled to the brim with baskets of mantis shrimps, baby crackers and swimming crabs.

The seafood was caught by Ye Jianjun, a local fisherman who resumed work on Feb 25.

Ye's boat isn't very big, with only 10 crew members who mainly fish for small seafood in the Dachen sea area.

A round trip usually takes about two days.

Upon delivery, workers started to sort the seafood into plastic baskets according to type and size, while others weighed and loading them onto trucks bound for local markets.

Ye said that he kicked the year off strong with more than 1,000 kilograms of seafood, more than half of which were mantis shrimps

The Spring Festival is usually peak season, when fisherman can rake in 60,000 yuan ($8,695.6) in revenue per day.

However, due to the outbreak, the local catering industry has not fully recovered, and seafood prices are low, with a full ship of seafood now selling for only about 30,000 yuan.

A man surnamed Wang from Linhai county of Taizhou bought four boxes of seafood worth 5,000 yuan from Ye.

"The seafood has never been frozen, which my family prefers," he said.

According to the Taizhou municipal port and fishery administration, as of Feb 25, a total of 2,145 fishing boats had resumed work, with another 2,546 intending to start soon.

Meanwhile, all aquaculture enterprises in the city have also resumed production.