Expats join in battle against novel coronavirus

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs | Updated: 2020-02-21

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At this crucial moment in the battle against the novel coronavirus, several foreign friends have chosen to remain in Zhejiang and contribute to the fight.

Some of them have refused to evacuate; some have volunteered to work on the frontline; some have helped collect medical supplies; and some have rushed to make donations in cash and kind.

Despite differences in skin color and nationality, their love towards China is one and the same.

As a tribute to those standing by Zhejiang through thick and thin, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs presents this video.

Currently, under the leadership of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the provincial government, Zhejiang is working tirelessly to control the epidemic and help businesses get back to work. As a result, the number of new confirmed cases has been on a steady decline and has now dropped to single digits. The number of those who have recovered is rising by the day. All sectors are recovering from the hit of the epidemic and gradually returning to normal.