Diary offers inspiration in fight against virus

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A diary depicting a 14-year-old girl's longing and concern for her parents, who are both battling the novel coronavirus, has moved many people in Linhai, a county-level city of Taizhou. 

"In your mind, I am a very independent person... You must take care of yourselves. You're not alone. I often see videos of people fighting like you. I miss you every time I see them... I am very proud of you, " reads the diary of Wang Shihan, a ninth-grade student at the Middle School Affiliated with Taizhou University. 

"You" in the diary refers to the girl's father, Wang Jianglai, a policeman at the Linhai public security bureau, and her mother Li Liping, an ICU nurse at the Linhai No 1 People's Hospital, who are both on the frontlines in the fight against the coronavirus. 

After a short reunion during the Spring Festival holiday, the girl's parents had to go back to work early due to the epidemic. 

Wang was assigned to collect and maintain epidemic prevention materials, carry out armed patrols in key urban areas, and provide security services for enterprises producing protective equipment. 

Meanwhile, his wife is taking care of patients in the ICU and taking part in other epidemic prevention work as well. 

Due to the dangerous nature of their work, Wang sent his 4-year-old son to his mother-in-law's home so that the couple could better devote themselves to their work. 

He also taught his daughter to cook simple foods such as noodles using a natural gas stove, and bought bread, instant noodles, and other supplies for her in case of an emergency. 

On the evening of Feb 3, Wang, after a day of work, came home and read the diary sent by his daughter.He was so touched that he posted it on the social media platform WeChat, where it received much attention. 

"Many of our comrades' families are in a similar situation, and we are all working to prevent and control the epidemic," Wang said, adding that he is confident, as his daughter put it, that "we will be victorious against the virus and return home safely."