Govt helps companies resume production |

Updated: 2020-02-14 Print Print

Taizhou market supervision authorities recently implemented 12 measures to help businesses resume production after the Lunar New Year holiday, which was extended due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

The government plans to streamline the administrative process for enterprises in the medical apparatus and food sectors looking to register or apply for production permits. 

Health certificates for employees at food production enterprises that are due to expire after Jan 23 will still be valid for another 90 days after the completion of the first-level response for the prevention and control of the epidemic.  

In addition, catering companies are allowed to temporarily carry out online meal orders, and enterprises whose special equipment production licenses have expired will be able to apply for extensions online, but the extended validity period cannot exceed one year. 

Instructors shall also be sent to key local pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises twice a week to offer guidance. 

Furthermore, local authorities will offer free verification services for various temperature measuring instruments used by enterprises for epidemic prevention and control, and enterprises producing drugs and protective materials to fight against the virus will be exempt from inspection and testing fees. 

Meanwhile, more efforts shall be made to help enterprises strengthen quality control and brand building, and State-owned and State-funded grocery markets are encouraged to exempt tenants from stall fees for three months. 

The local government will strengthen law enforcement and punish behaviors that infringe on the interests of enterprises, so as to reduce the burden on enterprises and create a level playing field.