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Xinzhi Motor Co Ltd was founded in July 1990. It is a listed company with the stock code 002664.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise that has been committed to the supply of motors and their core parts on the basis of independent innovation, product research and development (R&D) and mold development for a long time. It is also one of the top 10 companies in the automotive electronics industry in China.

Xinzhi Motor offers professional supporting services to domestic and foreign large-scale electrical machinery manufacturers, such as Valeo, Bosch and Hitachi.

The company's products include automobile engine assembly, micro motor rotors, electric vehicle assembly, electric tools’ motor rotors, elevator traction machine rotors, three-phase PM synchronous motors and VVT (automobile variable valve timing system) home appliance motors and rotors.

The company focuses on the technology innovation and new product development of motors and their core component manufacturing. Based on independent R&D, it has formed a set of skills, equipment and products with core intellectual property rights. It owned more than 30 patent licenses in 2015 and its main products were in a leading position in technology and quality. The company's three-phase PM synchronous motor is the most competitive in the market.

With an advanced management system, Xinzhi Motor has attracted a large number of first-class talent and experts in the fields of machinery, electrical devices, new materials and enterprise management all over the country. In addition, the company has mastered the key core technology of the design and production of motors and their core components, allowing it to quickly develop new products in the trial production stage with stable quality.

Xinzhi Motor Co Ltd has an ISO/TS16949-2009 quality management system certificate and one as well for the ISO/14001-2004 environmental management system. Its products are rated as a Zhejiang provincial famous brand.

Address: No 28 Xinzhi Road, Qiansuo Street, Jiaojiang district, Taizhou, Zhejiang province

Tel: +86-576-88928188/88923198

Fax: +86-576-88926198


Post code: 318016