Festivals and diet in Linhai

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2019-02-20

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Though the Qingming Festival is a one-day festival, the activities may extend to the Dragon Boat Festival. According to the custom, the period of the three days before and the four days after the Qingming Festival is the most suitable for tomb sweeping. The sacrificial offerings include qingbing (sweet food), qingtuan (salty food), six or nine dishes (heated by burning charcoal in a copper pot), yellow rice wine, candles, joss sticks and joss paper. After the memorial ceremony, the participants would worship on bended knees in front of the tomb and pray to the ancestors for blessings. After that, the food as an offering would be shared, which was said to keep the people healthy and safe.


Qingtuan [Photo/Weibo account of Linhai Youth]

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