Taizhou University

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated: 2019-02-05

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Taizhou University [Photo/tzc.edu.cn]

Taizhou University is jointly administered and constructed by Zhejiang province and Taizhou, with a city-based school management system. Its long history can be traced back to 1907 with the establishment of the Normal Faculty of Santai Secondary School. Its predecessor was Taizhou Normal College, which was approved by the State Council in 1978. The university upholds the school-running orientation of localization, applicability and comprehensiveness. In May 2008, it passed the evaluation of undergraduate teaching organized by the Ministry of Education with a 17 A and 2 B.


Taizhou University [Photo/tzc.edu.cn]

The university now has two campuses, located in Jiaojiang district and Linhai, covering a total area of 1823.88 mu (121.59 hectares) and a construction area of 544,000 square meters (54.4 hectares). The total value of its educational and scientific equipment is 241 million yuan ($34.69 million). The Taizhou University Library has a total collection of 1.99 million volumes and 0.7 million electronic databases. The library resources are rich, with around 2,100 types of Chinese and foreign-language periodicals. It consists of 14 secondary colleges with a total enrollment of 15,289. The Linhai Campus was officially put into use in 2000, and has administrated seven secondary schools, including the School of Humanities, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Mathematics and Information Engineering, the School of Sports Science, the School of Arts, the School of Teacher Education and the School of Marxism. It mainly focuses on arts and sciences as well as teacher education, with an enrollment of over 6,000. The Jiaojiang Campus was launched in 2005, consisting of another seven secondary schools, namely the School of Business Administration, the School of Physics and Electrical Engineering, the School of Life Sciences, the School of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Civil Engineering and the School of Medicine. It is centered on engineering, business, administration and medicine, with an enrollment of more than 9,000.

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