New Year's Eve customs in Taizhou

( | Updated: 2019-01-23

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Families reunite on New Year's Eve. [Photo/]

The last day of the twelfth lunar month is called "New Year's Eve". The twenty-fourth day is called the Minor New Year's Day. People do cleaning then, which is called "dust clearing". In the evening, they sacrifice to the kitchen god. After that day, preparations for Spring Festival are launched such as killing pigs and chickens, and cooking pastry, rice dumplings, steamed bread and frozen rice candy and buying commodities for the festival. Before Spring Festival, the sacrifice to the god is made to "say goodbye to the old year". Spring Festival couplets are pasted and a family banquet called "the year-end dinner" is held.


People do cleaning on the Minor New Year's Day, called "dust clearing". [Photo/]

Around Shitang town in Wenling of Taizhou, Zhejiang province, fishermen burn spiritual money and cypress leaves. They also leap across the ash of fire, saying "a good festival this year will bring a good fortune next year", which is called "jumping dragon ash". The whole family sits together to "stay up for the New Year", while children get money from adults as lunar New Year gifts. Firecrackers are also set off to say good-bye to the old year.


People cook pastry for Spring Festival. [Photo/]