Culture plus tourism boost Taizhou's "all-for-one" tourism

( | Updated: 2019-01-22

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Following an investigation into the "Hehe Taizhou" tourism strategy, carried out by the Taizhou municipal bureau of tourism and Taizhou University in 2017, the basic structure for the "Hehe Taizhou" tourism project development has been determined.

Taizhou will be divided into three culture experience areas touching on its geography, rich cultural history, and its status as one of the cradles of China's modern economy.  

Jiaojiang district, Yuhuan, Sanmen county are part of the area dubbed "a city with sea and mountains", due to its coastal geography with its mixture of islands and mountains.

Tiantai county, Xianju county, Linhai, and Huangyan district are part of the area dubbed the "Hehe holy land", due to its history as the birthplace of Tiantai Buddhism and being the home of Tang Dynasty (618-907) poet Hanshan and his close friend, the monk Shide, who are considered icons of Zen Buddhism, inspiring paintings for centuries.

Huangyan district, Luqiao district and Wenling are part of the area dubbed "city of innovation", due to its role in China's modern economic reforms where it is a cradle of the country's manufacturing and private sector.

Pamphlets about the "Hehe Taizhou" tour were issued during the 2017 Ningbo metropolitan area tourism promotion week. [Photo/Official Weibo account of Jiaojiang Tourism]

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