Jiufeng Park

Updated: 2018-12-26

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Jiufeng (Nine Peaks) Park is mostly famous for its signature Langgong Rock, but is also known for its various wells, pools, towers, and mountain peaks. 

In addition to Langgong Rock, Jiufeng Park is home to two wells - Tieshaigan Well and Sheshai Ancient Well, which used to serves as the main water source for local residents. Water from these wells is clear and fresh and filled with minerals. 

The park also houses three pools – Taohua Pool, Xiangquan Pool and Yunya Pool – as well as eight pavilions – Jingxin Pavilion, Liuchun Pavilion, Yanggao Pavilion, Wangfeng Pavilion, Xizhao Pavilion, Ganquan Pavilion, Hongfeng Pavilion and Xiangquan Pavilion, which are scattered around the park. 


Jiufeng Park [Photo/en.zjtz.gov.cn]


Jiufeng Park [Photo/en.zjtz.gov.cn]

There are a total of three towers – Ruilongganying Tower and the Wangniang Dual Towers. Ruilongganying Tower is a seven-story pavilion-style tower made of bricks and wood. It was built in 963 and is one of the oldest buildings in the park. 

The park has six streams – Mawei Stream, Yunying Stream, Diyan Stream, Donggao Stream, Pubu Stream and Xiangquan Stream, as well as 12 official scenic views, most of which can still be viewed at the current time of year.