Jiangnan Grand Canyon

Updated: 2018-12-26

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Jiangnan Grand Canyon [Photo/en.zjtz.gov.cn]

Don’t miss out on your chance to go rafting at Jiangnan Grand Canyon this June!

1. Innovation

a) The first military-themed rafting excursion in East China.

b) The first two-section rafting attraction in East China.

2. Unique structure of the rafting course

Both sections are 3.4 km in length. The military exploration-themed rafting excursion and military entertainment-themed rafting excursion take 1.5 and 2 hours, respectively. The overall drop in elevation is 138 meters and the maximum fall is 10 meters. 

3. Spectacular landscape

The course is set in a provincial natural reserve with picturesque scenery.

4. Advanced rafting equipment 

The only self-draining rafts in Zhejiang province.

5. Controllable speed

The speed of a raft depends on the speed of the water. The water in Jiangnan Grand Canyon comes from both natural sources and the reservoir, the speed of which can be controlled.


Military Exploration Rafting: 190 yuan/person

Military Entertainment Rafting: 90yuan/person

Please read the guidelines for Military Rafting at Jiangnan Grand Canyon before buying tickets.

Tel: +86-576-85933188