Toumen Island

Updated: 2018-12-26

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Located in the north of Taizhou Bay, Linhai (Toumen) Port is in the middle of the Taizhou port area. According to a mathematics and physics model experiment conducted by the Linahi (Toumen) Port R&D center, it has the capacity to accommodate megaton deep water berths, thanks to its 5 km of deep water coastline. 


Toumen Island [Photo/]

With great comprehensive development potential and space for reclamation, it is particularly suitable for developing port-based industry. As a comprehensive port hub, it will also be a logistics park supporting trades in Taizhou and surrounding cities. Positioned as a “central city port, industrial port and tourism port”, Linhai (Toumen) port will replace Haimen River Port by regularly expanding and transferring the latter’s functions and promoting the eastward expansion of Taizhou through reclamation.