Fanhuang Bamboo Carving

( | Updated: 2018-12-06

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Clouds of Mount Huang, a three-panel carved bamboo room divider. [Photo/]

Fanhuang bamboo carving, a traditional craft in Huangyan district, Taizhou, was given this name because its patterns are engraved on the inside of the bamboo, also known as the side of "huang", and hence it is also called tiehuang or fanhuang. During the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911), bamboo carvings were prevalent in Huangyan district. For instance, bamboo brush pots, bamboo scrolls with a couplet, bamboo-framed fans, bamboo stationery and bamboo armrests were frequently used at that time. In the 1950s, Zhejiang Provincial Handicraft Administration named wood carvings, qingtian stone carvings and bamboo carvings the Top Three Carvings of Zhejiang. In June 2008, fanhuang bamboo carving was included in China's second representative list of intangible cultural heritage.

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