US guests experience Hehe Culture in Taizhou

( | Updated: 2018-12-04

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US guests experience a wedding ceremony featuring China's Hehe culture at the Hehe Culture Park Nov 1. [Photo/WeChat account: sxtiantai]

The guests from the United States said it was the first time they had experienced a Chinese-style wedding and the festive atmosphere under Hehe culture. They will share the experience with their family members and friends, and encourage them to visit Tiantai county themselves.

Hehe culture has been passed on for thousands of years on Tiantai Mountain. However, its folk art forms, such as sculptures, painting and furniture, are gradually disappearing.

The Hehe culture park gathers all kinds of traditional folk art works related to Hehe culture in order to protect, inherit and promote it. 

The US guests now have a deeper understanding of the culture after visiting the Museum of Hehe Culture, One Rattan Museum and the Wedding Customs Museum.

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