Tiantai, Jiangyou seek culture and tourism cooperation

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated: 2018-12-04

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A Tiantai county delegation visits Jiangyou in Sichuan province for culture and tourism cooperation, Oct 25. [Photo/WeChat account: sxtiantai]

A delegation from Zhejiang's Tiantai county visited Jiangyou in Sichuan province and participated in a symposium on culture and tourism cooperation Oct 25.

Tiantai county and Jiangyou signed an agreement on friendly exchanges and cooperation, marking the substantive start of culture and tourism cooperation between the two sides.

Jiangyou is the birthplace of legendary poet Li Bai and is renowned as "the hometown of Chinese poetry", while Tiantai is "the destination of Tang poetry road".

Although Tiantai county and Jiangyou are separated by thousands of kilometers, the two places have excellent ecological environments, rich tourism resources, splendid history and culture, solid industrial foundations and good prospects for cooperation.

Early on Sept 18, a Party and government delegation of Jiangyou came to Tiantai county and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the county.

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