Yuhuan orange

Updated: 2018-11-23

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Yuhuan orange [Photo/en.zjtz.gov.cn]

Yuhuan Orange, also called tangor and orange, was widely planted over 400 years ago. It is one of the traditional famous fruits in Taizhou.

It has two advantages. The first is that it has rich nutrients and a high medicinal value, and is juicy and slightly-fragrant with a pleasant sweetness. Its color, shape and taste are exactly like those of the America grapefruit. According to the Zhejiang Orange Research Institute and South Florida University in the US, the orange’s main nutrients exceed those of the American grapefruit. The second is that its thick peel has an excellent storage capacity. The picked oranges can be stored at room temperature from November until April. If being processed for retaining freshness, they can be stored until July or August.