Tiantai promotes Hehe culture to the world

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated: 2018-11-22

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The Hehe culture research association in Canada was established in Vancouver on Oct 14 (local time).


The establishment of the Hehe culture research association in Canada is of great significance for promoting Tiantai Mountain's Hehe culture to the world. [Photo/chinanews.com]

Tiantai Mountain in Taizhou’s Tiantai county, Zhejiang province is one of the main birthplaces of Hehe (harmonious) culture and has played an important role in the culture's history for thousands of years.

The Hehe culture is centered on the integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

For thousands of years, the inheritance and practice of Hehe culture in Tiantai Mountain has not only imperceptibly influenced people's thinking habits, value orientations and behaviors, but also added a humanistic heritage to the mountainous region and condensed spiritual strength for local development.

The Hehe culture has both historical and contemporary features. Historically, Tiantai Mountain culture was once the high standard of East Asian culture and had a profound impact on the culture of Korea and Japan.

The Hehe culture spread from Tiantai Mountain to East Asia, then from East Asia to Europe and America, affecting all parts of the world with its spiritual appeal.

In recent years, Tiantai county Party committee and the county government has given full play to the important position and function of Tiantai Mountain culture in Chinese traditional culture.

They have integrated the Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of Culture Zhejiang and Culture Taizhou, and vigorously implemented the strategy of strong culture in the county, achieving remarkable results in the inheritance and development of Tiantai Mountain and Hehe culture.

The second Party congress of the 14th session of the county proposed to actively welcome the spring of cultural development, promote cultural materialization and industrialization, and to carry forward and innovate with Tiantai's massive cultural wealth.

It also proposed enhancing the contemporary value of Hehe culture by adhering to creative transformation and innovative development, promoting it outside of Tiantai, outside of the country and throughout the world, making Tiantai famous and influential at home and abroad.