Human Resources | Updated: 2018-11-21

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The Yangtze River Delta region, where Taizhou is located, has more than 300 higher education institutes. It is one of the regions with the most concentrated talent resources. As of May 2017, Zhejiang province is home to 107 higher education institutes, three national key labs open both at home and abroad, three key specialized labs, and a group of national industry research centers.

By the end of 2017, there were 10,715 regular full-time college students, 34,728 enrolled college students and 32,070 enrolled students in adult colleges in Taizhou.

- Talent attraction and training

Taizhou has taken the lead in talent attraction and training. In recent years, the city has established policies such as the Method to Carry out Remuneration for High-Level Talents in Taizhou (on trial) and the Taizhou 30 New Talent Policies to attract and train high-level talents to further improve the system based on the market-oriented talent introduction mechanism. Taizhou has laid out detailed and considerate arrangements for high-level talents, offering favorable personal income tax, health care, recuperation, training subsidies, living subsidies, house accumulation funds, housing subsidies, immigration and residence administration, customs clearance, social insurance and children’s education.

- Schedule of national standard work days and legal holidays implemented in Taizhou

• Normal work time is from Monday to Friday with 40 hours’ work time in total.

• Overtime is not forbidden by law, but employer and employee must reach an agreement.

• According to stipulations of The National Annual Leave and Memorial Days Regulation, there are 11 days of legal holidays in China, including the Spring Festival (three days at the end of January or the beginning of February) and National Day (1st – 3rd of October).

Regulation on Paid Annual Leave of Employees stipulates that employees should enjoy at least five days of paid leave every year and the number of paid leave days should increase with length of service.

- Employment

Enterprises can employ people through many channels, such as the career center in Taizhou, the administrative departments of industrial parks and media advertisements.

• Taizhou has many career centers, where job hunters can register and have their information stored in a database.

• Administrative departments in industrial parks can also assist investors with hiring staff.

• Besides assistance from career centers and industrial parks, foreign-invested enterprises can also employ through channels such media advertisements.

• Foreign-invested enterprises can hire employees from any place. Foreigners need to obtain work permits and residence permits before they can work in Taizhou.

- Income

Taizhou enjoys high income levels compared with other major cities in China. As disclosed in 2017, the average annual income of employees on the payroll in Taizhou is 54,745 yuan ($7884.13).